Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Portland Police Link Molotov Cocktail To The Occupy Fucksticks With More Explosive Devices Being Made Inside Camp…

Praying for a Jihadi work accident....

KGW--Portland police said an improvised incendiary device was set off outside the World Trade Center at 121 SW Salmon and they’re investigating a possible link to the Occupy Portland camp.
Lt. Robert King said a Molotov cocktail caused minor damage Tuesday night on an external stairwell. The building is located one block east of the two parks where Occupy Portland demonstrators have been camped since Oct. 6.
King said “there’s preliminary information available that indicates a connection” to Occupy Portland.

He said that police received unconfirmed reports on Oct. 31 that the gasoline filled bottles with a cloth wick were being made within the Occupy Portland encampments at Lownsdale and Chapman Square parks.

Hey, Mayor Sam Adams!  When you make explosive devices, you are a fucking TERRORIST!!! 

The FBI needs to move in and arrest these people, charge them and send them to a federal lockup so that they can get their anus prolapsed by a gang of hung dudes in the shower.



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