Monday, November 19, 2007

Naomi Wolf is the Dumbest Woman Alive

Yep, sure looks like George Bush...

The following exchange took place on NPR on Monday:

COHEN: There’s never a line in this book that says George W. Bush is just like Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin, but there’s enough that after a while, there definitely seems to be the air of some comparisons happening there. Isn’t that a bit extreme to compare our president to these historical figures?

WOLF: Well, again, I stick very rigorously to the evidence. You had the Nazis unloaded coffins at night. We saw coffins being unloaded at night. They talked about enhanced interrogation, meaning torture. Karl Rove talked about enhanced interrogation, meaning torture. They said, you know, we’ve got to invade Czechoslovakia, because it’s a staging ground for terrorists. We said we had to invade Iraq, a country we’re not at war with, because they’re torturing their ethnic minorities, it’s a staging ground for terrorists, and they hate our freedoms. I don’t need to draw an analogy. The analogies are there.

COHEN: But in a sense, aren’t you to a certain degree fighting fear with fear? You’re making analogies here to Stalin and Hitler. Isn’t that a bit fear-inspiring as well?

WOLF: We should be afraid. Look at Pakistan. It was pushing toward major democratic reform, and overnight, they rounded up the lawyers, they subverted the constitution, they fired the justices, and now, it’s done! So there are any number of ways that very quickly, under the circumstances we have now, the president could close down our open society. And I would say that he already has substantially closed down our open society. But quite apart from that, history shows that when millions of people rise up in a democracy movement to restore the rule of law, there’s very little than can stand in their way, so we need a democracy movement in America.

Let me deal with each of her alleged points so that I can hand out a smack-down for each one.

  • We unload coffins of soldiers who are fighting terrorist assholes who would kill you first, should they make it here to our shores. Hitler, on the other hand, rounded up and shipped Jews, Jehovahs Witnesses, gypsies, the mentally ill and anyone not "Aryan" enough to be part of the glorious Reich, regardless of age, into gas chambers to kill them and then put them in ovens to destroy the evidence. Visit the Holocaust Museum sometime. I think the comparison will be clear.
  • We talk about, and sometimes use, waterboarding and stress positions for unlawful combatants and debate whether these things work well and whether or not we as a nation should use them. Hitler and his subordinates, directed doctors in concentration camps to conduct horrific and ghastly experiments on innocent people with no intelligence gathering purpose. The Nazi war criminals wanted to find out, for instance, how long a naked Jew will last while immersed in 34 degree water before hypothermia causes death.
  • We invaded Iraq to stop a madman from passing on WMD to terrorist assholes who want to kill us and liberate 25 million people and, just so you know, we never actually signed a peace treaty with Saddam, and given his continued targeting of our jets in the "No-Fly Zones" for over 10 years, we could have kicked his ass at our leisure. Hitler, on the other hand, invaded Czechoslovakia because he wanted "lebensraum" for the Aryan Race in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

And then Naomi thinks (I am only guessing here from her answer) that the evil President G.W. Bush is gonna send out the Neocons and the National Guard to conduct our own "kristallnacht" and then BAM!!! we got an evil dictatorship without any liberals and absolute thought control.

Couple last things for Naomi;

  1. I would say the existence of, Media Matters, the Alphabet Networks, Daily Kos, every major metropolitan newspaper, conservative talk radio, Air America, and about a billion liberal and conservative blogs on the web means that the President of the United States has failed to close down our open society.
  2. We already had a democracy movement in this country; if you crack open a history book, you will find it under "American Revolution 1775-1783"

Damn that bitch is stupid!!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is stating facts and allowing us to form our own conclusions. You are regurgitating the pablum that you hear from the corporate controlled media, like a good tool. If I were you, I would think twice before calling anyone stupid...