Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OK, This is Some Bullshit....

Take this spy out back and shoot her in the face; twice.

Yes, I am serious. She is not an American citizen by birth or naturalization (because her naturalization process was fraudulent), so I would guess we could shoot her for her espionage. Then, I would imprison all of the bureaucrats that failed to catch this Hezbollah operative. This makes a mockery of my SECRET clearance that took me a year to get (each time I've had it) and a good life lived to maintain.

From Michelle Malkin;

"The document of the day is a press release from the Justice Department announcing, “Former Employee of CIA and FBI Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Unauthorized Computer Access and Naturalization Fraud.” A Lebanese illegal alien was working for the Bush FBI and CIA, got into our computer systems, got access to info about her Lebanese relatives and the terrorist group Hezbollah, arranged a sham marriage (where have we seen that before), and nosed around in bribery and extortion conspiracy probes. Debbie Schlussel, Jihad Watch, and Allah have full coverage of Nada Nadim Prouty’s guilty plea and the appalling security lapses involved."

This is one of the points that I vehemently disagree with the President on. Any country that does not guard it's borders ceases to be a sovereign nation. Background checks in the US government are evidently not worth a warm pile of shit.

Debbie Schlussel points out in the post on MM: “The FBI and U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy (and before him, U.S. Attorneys Craig Morford and Jeffrey Collins) knew Prouty was a spy for Hezbollah back in 2003, but they allowed her to work for the FBI and CIA for over FOUR Years! They did not remove her from the job until the end of this past September–1.5 years after her brother-in-law was indicted for financing Hezbollah!!!!!!”

No wonder the Hitler of Iran does not fear us; he has inside information on what is going on.

This is the entire DoJ Press release:

It is curious that in order to be an FBI Special Agent, she had to get a Top Secret (SSBI). I mean, how in the hell did she get past them with the level of fraud and deceit she was putting out there? There is a polygraph involved with FBI Employment, and although it is junk science, it still catches most people who are actually deceitful.

This war is lost if we can't act like this is a big deal. We need to keep out the people that would wish us harm. It most of all involves our security checks not being merely a formality to getting a job in National Security. I mean, they took over a year to get me my last SECRET clearance, and a whole bunch of shit had changed in my life.

The only way that spies will get the hint is if we start executing spies and vigorously prosecuting treasonous behavior.

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Rosemary said...

I agree. It seems to me, I may be wrong (doubtful, lol), that the more 'civil' a nation becomes, the more pantywaste they become.

FDR knew exactly how to deal with spies. They lasted 8 days, and then they were shot...dead.

Would you guys like to borrow some balls from me (although I have none)?

I just don't get why we never use the word, 'treason' anymore.

Screw political correctness. Are you aware that pc is a communist teaching? Hmm...

Oh yes, have a nice day. ;)