Monday, November 19, 2007

Pacifism is Darwinism in Action

What The Fuck???

Man, do I hate these meta-stupid fucking protesters!

For those that don't know, here in the Pacific NW, we have some protests going on at the Port of Olympia where equipment is being sent overseas and brought back from overseas from Iraq and Afghanistan. These seditious asshats sure are peaceful...

"Protesters resorted to blocking roads, dragging debris into the middle of downtown streets, breaking windows, destroying public property, damaging police cars and hurling rocks at police.."

Pacifism is a nice idea, in fact, I am the ultimate peaceable guy. I hate fighting. It hurts real bad sometimes and I have never been fond of getting my ass kicked. Hell, even when I win, I still feel like I got my ass kicked.

But sometimes, when I am threatened, I know that the pain of the ass kicking I am going to hand out is worth the pain of feeling as if my ass was kicked.

Pacifism works on the idea that if you don't fight, the sociopath rapist, the psychopath murder, the Islamic throat cutter, the suicide bomber etc. will see some sort of nobility in that and not kill you or rape you or maim you.

Even Al-Jazeera has picked up this story (to obviously encourage the sheep buggering Islamofascists fighting right now) This is from an e-mail that was put up on MM.

"Al Jazeera English wants footage of recent Olympia protests/ blockades. They would like “broadcast quality” if possible but say that if the footage is dramatic enough, “YouTube” quality might be OK. One of their producers just called and I told her I would send a list of videographer contact info along with links to footage. "

Hope they show the children that these idiots in Olympia are using as "human shields" in their protest. You can find more links to this over at Michelle Malkin.

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