Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekly STFU: Whoopi Goldberg

Card carrying member of the Libtard Cabal

This is a new feature that I will be posting here so as to take aim at the Libtard Cabal (the LC).

The LC has got one of it's members who is completely out of her mind, but we knew that already.

Whoopi Goldberg needs to take a look around before she opens her cake-hole. On October 26th, the "View" maven compared the US to Nazi Germany in a conversation with Joy Behar, another one of these "The View" hens. I know it seems a bit stupid to be worried about this show and it's 12 viewers, but that is what I do.

Would it appropriate at this point to ask Whoopi whether a black woman with the name Goldberg would be sitting next to a Jewish woman named Behar on a TV show in Nazi Germany?

Then, on Veterans Day, Whoopi sounds off to Laura Ingraham that America is not as "free" as it used to be. Right here if you want to read the transcript: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/justin-mccarthy/2007/11/12/views-whoopi-goldberg-america-not-free-it-was

Well, since Whoopi is not in jail for speaking her mind (like she would be in Cuba, China, or Burma) and she is not being worked to death before being put in a gas chamber (as she would have been in Nazi Germany), I think she should drop to her knees (OK, maybe a bad metaphor) and give thanks to God that she lives in the most free, most economically powerful and most accepting nation on earth.

Did the First Amendment become less powerful for the media as time has passed? Have we lost our right to unreasonable search and seizure? Hmmmm.... My copy of the Constitution doesn't have any strikeouts or pencil marks in the margin.

And this last little bit comes from Newsbusters, excerpted from and interview with NY Congressman Peter King in which Whoopi's comments were read to him by Steve Malzburg of WOR Radio;

"They are absolutely insane these people. They are so consumed by their hatred of George Bush which, by the way, I cannot begin to understand. I can see how some people may disagree with his policies. But this hatred they have, and to say things like this. This is why they lose all credibility. You know, Rosie O'Donnell basically saying that George Bush was responsible for the World Trade Center being blown up, and statements from Whoopie Goldberg, it's really. It shows that you're up against, that these are not just fringe characters on the left. They do reflect that hardcore base which is driving the Democratic Party, and which is causing otherwise fairly responsible politicians in the Democratic Party to do really wrong things, and to act totally irresponsibly."

Well said Congressman. Whoopi needs to seek professional psychological counseling and just shut the fuck up....


Fuzzy Bunny 6 said...

I like this section. Whoopi will always be a fallback STFU if you can't find another one.

Deebow - I was an ETT with 2/3/201st in Kabul for a few months, then we went to Jalalabad and Asadabad where I ran CP Fiaz for a while. Seems we were there at the same time.

Grimmy said...

Here's a blog you might enjoy reading if you've time (assuming you don't already know of it, of course).


Dr. Santy is in the psycho brain shrink business and is uniquely hard nosed in exposing bizarro leftism for the weak sauce it is.

Today's entry:

Is a pretty good representation of her usual productions.