Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome Everyone to The Jester's Axe

Welcome everyone to the Jester's Axe.

I am Deebow and I run the place. We are dedicated to the advancement of rational ideas and the spirited discourse that comes from the greatness of our ability to debate these issues in the country on the planet.

Some of you may know me from BlackFive. That is where it all has started and I think that over here, we will not only discuss military issues sometimes. We are going to also discuss politics, government, taxes, foreign policy, Islamofascism, the Libtard Cabal, the raising of our children, and anything else I think might be interesting.

Subjects are going to run the gambit, so be prepared to discuss.

Also be warned: No punches will be pulled.

Stepping off into the snark pit with my axe and some attitude.....


Flag Gazer said...

Saw your post about the new blog at Blackfive - look forward to the journey here!!

Mary*Ann said...

Look forward to reading your postings...with no punches pulled :-)

Grimmy said...

All ready on the left! All ready on the right! All ready on the firing line! Shooters, engage your targets!

Star said...

Will be checking the feed often! Great stuff here!