Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hitting On All Cylinders

Attention Defeatocrats: Pay no attention to the success denoted by this map

This comes to the Jester from the boys over at Weasel Zippers, and Curt (Flopping Aces). I do love how shrinkage still gets the best of us.

Boy, this sure throws a wrench into the gears over at the Democrat Party machine. I am certain Hillary will be asserting her belief in our success in Iraq all along, after she irons out her heroic role in saving all her campaign workers in New Hampshire.

The nice thing is that this map dovetails nicely the list of things we need to do, keep doing, start doing right now etc. that is in the essay by Ralph Peters entitled: When Devils Walk the Earth; The Mentality and Roots of Terrorism and How to Respond.
  1. Be Feared. (we need to work on this one)
  2. Identify the type of terrorists you face and know your enemy as well as you possibly can.
  3. Do not be afraid to be powerful. (this one too)
  4. Speak Bluntly.
  5. Concentrate on winning the propaganda war where it is winnable.
  6. Do not be drawn into public dialog with terrorists.
  7. Avoid "planning creep" (i.e. keep all the bureaucrat asshats out of all the necessary meetings)
  8. Maintain Resolve.
  9. When in doubt, hit harder than necessary.
  10. Whenever legal conditions permit, kill terrorists on the spot (Code Stink and the ACLU hate this one)
  11. Never listen to those who warn that ferocity on our part reduces us to the level of the terrorist.
  12. Spare and protect innocent civilians whenever possible, but do not let the prospect of civilian casualties interfere with ultimate mission accomplishment.
  13. Do not allow terrorists to hide behind religion (we REALLY need work on this one)
  14. Do not allow third parties to broker a "peace," a truce or any pause in operations (so sit down and STFU Jimmy Carter)
  15. Don't Flinch.
  16. Do not worry about alienating already hostile populations (like 60's hippies all grown up, Code Stink, the ACLU, CAIR etc.)
  17. Whenever possible, humiliate your enemy in the eyes of his own people.
  18. If the terrorists hide, strike what they hold dear.
  19. Do not allow the terrorists sanctuary in any country, at any time, under any circumstances.
  20. Never Declare Victory.
  21. Impress upon the minds of terrorists and potential terrorists everywhere, and upon the populations and the governments that support them, that American retaliation will be powerful and uncompromising.
  22. Do everything possible to make terrorists and their active supporters live in terror themselves.
  23. Never accept the consensus of the Washington intelligentsia, which looks backward to past failures, not forward to future successes.
  24. In dealing with Islamic apocalyptic terrorists, remember that their most cherished symbols are fewer and far more vulnerable than the West's.
  25. Do not look for answers in recent history, which is still unclear and subject to emotion.
I just call this "The Top 25 things we can do to ensure that the American Empire continues to stomp the ass out of ass backwards, insane, filthy, dirty Wahabbis the world 'round."

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