Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jester's Rule #49

Desperate to Keep you From Seeing Her Naked

OK, The Jester normally doesn't entertain these kinds of stories, but in this case, I will make an exception.

This comes from Crazy Days and Nights (Major h/t on this one) in some juicy entertainment news...
One of the last projects David Hans Schmidt was working on prior to his death was the brokering of some nude photos of Marcia Cross.

The background is that a firm was hired by Cross and her husband to remove trash from Cross' home in L.A. According to Schmidt, one of the firm's employees discovered the photos when he got to the dump. [...]

The photos consist of over 200 photos of Marcia taken by her husband. Many of the photos are of Marcia showering at an outside shower fully nude. I guess that would make sense because most of us don't shower with clothes on. I have in the past, but the shower was generally just a bucket of cold water thrown on me by unsympathetic bar owners.

Anyway, Marcia tried to stop the sale of the photos by arguing she had a copyright to them. The problem is that the US Supreme Court has said that anything in trash is fair game. You lose almost all your rights to anything once you throw it in the trash which is why it is not a bad idea to invest about $20 in a paper shredder. An even better idea would be to just stare at your wife's naked body everyday and not need 200 photos of her showering. And better yet, once you take them, try to remember where you put them.
If any of you perverts (I count myself among you) want to see the definitely, absolutely, get your resume ready to work somewhere else if your boss sees these in your temp files, NSFW photos, click here.

I have always wondered about this girl, as I always thought that she was so much smarter than this. I mean, the Jester's rule is; Never take naked photos of yourself or allow others to do it. EVER....

Purely as an aside, Bree Van Decamp would not allow that much bush. It would be untidy and an unkept and that would be unacceptable...


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stuffed said...

"Jester's rule is; Never take naked photos of yourself or allow others to do it. EVER...."

:0( Really?