Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Poor Stupid Rich Bitch Can't Pay Her Bills....

As if any of us care all that much...

Heather Mills faces a court battle with her divorce lawyers over £2million in unpaid bills. Mishcon de Reya, the firm that has represented her through most of her split from Sir Paul McCartney, is poised to issue a High Court writ to recover the funds, the Mail has learned.

The debt was run up over an 18-month period following her breakup with the former Beatle.

The law firm, which represented Princess Diana in her divorce from Prince Charles, is understood to have had an arrangement to recover payment for its services from Miss Mills' final divorce settlement.

Yet soon after Mishcon and the former model parted company, the firm became concerned about her ability to pay the fees.

It contacted Miss Mills last week and again this week, warning her to start to clear the debt or face legal proceedings.

Hmmm.... I wonder what Sir Paul thinks?
Sources say Miss Mills being threatened with legal action by Mishcon has put Sir Paul in a stronger position and could see him offer her a smaller settlement in which he will pay off the legal debt.

His lawyers are all too aware that if Miss Mills becomes bankrupt, she will be significantly weakened in the divorce battle.

This life sucking oxygen thief who is a card carrying member of the Wart on the Ass of Society club is getting exactly what she deserves.


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