Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sean Penn Endorses Kucunich

Another Respected Film Actors Guild Member

If I was Dennis Kucinich (and I am glad I am not), I know that this endorsement would mean my immediate ascent to the the Presidency of Bizarro World.
In the speech entitled, "Piano Wire Puppeteers," Penn railed against not only President Bush, but Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"While I'm not a proponent of the Death Penalty, existing law provides that the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, if found guilty, could have hoods thrown over their heads, their hands bound, facing a 12-man rifle corps executing death by firing squad," Penn said.

"I found the (recent Democratic) debate infuriating, nearly an argument for fascism with few exceptions, key among them Dennis Kucinich," Penn said. "Of course as a strategic politician, Mrs. Clinton pulled out her set of Ginzu knives and dominated once again on 'centrist' political strategy."

Thanks for your candid assessment there Sean (whose name has the "girl" spelling) on world politics, international diplomacy and political discourse. There is some history here in being an America Hating Jackass, this is from his Bio;
His refusenik roots were deep. His father, Leo Penn, was an actor, writer and director during the McCarthy era. Called before the Un-American Activities Committee, he refused to name names, was branded a Communist and blacklisted - forcing him to move into TV. One of Sean's earlier memories is of his father taking him to the set of The Last Tycoon - starring Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson - near to the family home. Passing through, Leo was hailed by the movie's director, Elia Kazan, who HAD named names. But Leo, normally warm and friendly, walked straight past, his passionate integrity leaving an indelible mark on his son.

Though he had thought of becoming an attorney, Sean's interest in film-making grew too strong to resist. It's often been said that his path to fame was easy, because of his parents, his friends and, eventually, his first marriage. But Sean started work early, skipping college to spend two years with the Los Angeles Repertory Company. Here he worked backstage, cleaning, carrying and gradually learning to act, working as assistant to actor/director Pat Hingle.

Keep up the good work Sean....


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Mary*Ann said...

Found the link to this at Are We Lumberjacks? Nice video of Sean suggesting the Pres., Vice Pres., and put in in front of a firing squad. The College Republican gives the crowd a chance to show their "tolerance".