Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Bit of Local News...

That is some absolute, unadulterated Bull Shit....

UPDATE - OREGON JUSTICE: Schumachers ordered to pay $97,000 to cover protesters' legal fees...
A federal judge has ordered one of Portland's last furriers to pay nearly $97,000 in legal fees to the animal-rights protesters he has accused of destroying his family business.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman ordered Gregg Schumacher and Schumacher Furs & Outerwear to cover $43,186 in legal fees to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; $34,735 to In Defense of Animals; and $18,950 to protester Kevin Mieras, court records show.

Schumacher and his wife Linda sued animal-rights protesters for a relentless campaign of Saturday protests that the couple maintains stepped over the bounds of free speech into crimes and violations of city ordinances.

But Mosman threw out such claims in a series of rulings last year. This week, he signed an order compelling the Schumachers to pay the protesters' legal fees in the case.

I hate the notion of "Animal rights" because it is a false premise.

In order to have rights, animals would have to be self aware to the point that they understand the nature of the social contract between higher functioning beings (like us). That means that they would have to understand the nature of laws, the societal contract between humans that says "I won't just kill you and I will respect your territory, as you would do unto me, or be subject to punishment."

They only operate on instinct, cougars eat other things because they are hungry, they don't reason over it, they just do it.

Is it ethical to use animal skins to stay warm? Hell Yes! I feel sorry for Gregg and Linda.

I am going to exercise my First Amendment right to tell PETA that they can "hail" their victory all they want, but they only won because they did this in Portland Oregon.

Pull some shit like this in Montana, or Idaho, or Alabama, and PETA is likely to find out if those redneck hillbilly hunters really can hit what they aim at.

I think Gregg and Linda should pay them in fur pelts...

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Jim Dicken said...

Do you have an address for the people who are forced to pay this. I would like to make a donation to to help them.
They are twice victimized, once by PETA and HSUS and now by the idiot judge who most likely is a PETA or HSUS member and should have recused himself.
Whats worse is that the money will be used to attack other hard working people in the Animal Business.. Kentucky Fried Chicken is already a target.. McDonalds is likely next.. they should be fighting this now. There is an old story about the Nazi reign of terror. First it was the Jews, then the gypsy's then the Catholics.. when I looked up to see who would help me everyone was already gone.
We have to help these people.
Failure to do so will mean the end to HUMAN Rights at the hands of the Animal Rights Kooks.
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