Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Simon Says: If only.....

Simon Heffer from the Telegraph is channeling his inner idiot...

"Many Britons will feel it would be rather nice to have a vote, too. Well, maybe not a whole vote: I would settle for one worth 50 per cent of those cast by American citizens. After all, since we are a strategic colony of the US, it would be nice to have even a marginal say in how the empire chooses to dispose our goodwill and our blood and treasure. Such considerations were explicit in the founding of the US, and what's sauce for the goose..."

Well, since the last time we let the British have anything to do with our system of government, they sent the Kings troops into our homes and we had ourselves a a Boston Tea Party and followed it up with a little revolution and let the British know exactly how we felt about their interference in our governmental affairs.

So Simon, continue your absurd electoral fantasy, but I think the American People have spoken on how they feel about that.


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