Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jihadi/Nazi Connection Now Apparent....

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Another filthy Wahabbi who I hope is taking it in the ass in hell right now....

A young German-born Turk could possibly have carried out an attack in Afghanistan that killed two US soldiers. The Islamic Jihad Union claims 28-year-old C├╝neyt C. from Bavaria was responsible for the March 3 attack, now the German authorities are desperately trying to find out the bomber's identity.

His last mission began at exactly 4.04 p.m. on March 3. The driver pulled up his blue Toyota Dyna truck in front of the Sabari district center in the eastern Afghan province of Khost. The motor was still running when he hit the detonator. The force of the blast shook the earth and caused the guard post to collapse, trapping dozens of US soldiers under the rumble. The explosion was so forceful that eye witnesses assumed there had been a rocket attack on the building that the US army had built just two months previously.

Chaos followed the explosion. Fighters armed with AK47s lunged at the US soldiers at the entrance hoping to storm the building, but the soldiers were able to defend themselves. Hours after the attack doctors and soldiers, who had been deafened by the blast, were digging in the rubble, while helicopters flew the injured away. Two US soldiers were pulled out dead, dozen others were seriously injured. It was the worst attack on the ISAF forces this year in Afghanistan, just one hour away from the Pakistan border.

Since March 6, German investigators have also been looking into the incident. Ever since experts at the Berlin-based Joint Counter-Terrorism Center (GTAZ) discovered an Internet message that included the photograph of a grinning bearded man they have been pulling out all the stops to investigate the case. There are indications that the Khost bomber was no Afghan or Pakistani radical. In fact it is likely that the perpetrator was a Turkish citizen from Bavaria, born in Freising and regarded as a dangerous Islamist. If it was him, it would be nightmare for the investigators -- the first suicide bomber from Germany.
This is yet another indication that we are winning this war.... My prayers go out to the families of the soldiers killed and injured there, having walked the ground myself.


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