Friday, April 18, 2008

The ACLU Asks Judge to Stop Indiana From Selling "In God We Trust" License Plates. Judge Tells ACLU to Fuck Off....

The "feel good" story of the day...

Fuck the ACLU and the horse they rode in on. We need to change the law that uses government funds to pay them for this kind of shit.

A judge has halted a lawsuit over Indiana's popular "In God We Trust" license plate, ruling the state can sell it without charging an extra $15 fee.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana argued that without the fee, the plate was elevated above others bearing messages supporting the environment, education and other causes.

Introduced last year by state law, the "In God We Trust" plate is carried by more than 1.6 million vehicles. Marion Superior Court Judge Gary Miller's ruling, issued Wednesday, says the plate is different from special group recognition plates that carry the administrative fee. Those often require a contribution to a group or university and require special handling by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The "In God We Trust" plate, the ruling says, "was designed by a process similar to the Standard Plate, mass-produced like the Standard Plate, and widely distributed like the Standard Plate based on consistently high sales."
Good Job Judge Miller... Thanks for injecting some sense from the bench.


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tammi said...

I'm always so happy to see that plate, but I can't believe INDIANA pushed back. Huh. Almost makes me proud to have been a Hoosier.