Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama Moves To Reaffirm His Patriotism....

This is like "if you have to tell people why the joke is funny."....

Barack Obama wants to make something clear: He loves America.

After a series of incidents that prompted questions about his patriotism, the Democratic presidential candidate is peppering speeches with explicit statements on his love of country.

"I love this country not because it's perfect but because we've always been able to move it closer to perfection," he told an audience in North Dakota.

And in Montana: "It's a country where ... I've seen ordinary Americans find justice, where I've seen progress made for working families who need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight for them. That is the country I love."

Such patriotic statements could be an effort to reassure voters wondering about whether he truly loves the country.

If you have to say "I Love This Country" as much as Obama, then you probably don't....

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