Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogger Death Threat of the Day....

UPDATE: I think the link is down. My apologies also to ZIP over at Weasel Zippers. I neglected to to properly H/T him for the link, the text, and the awesome work that he does.

Why can't I get death threats like this? John from IAC gets this really awesome death threat from a bunch of goat-blowing sheep farmers named "The Muslim Boys" that, I guess, are some kind of gang out of London.

I was thinking... Is it me or does their name sound like something you would pick up in the gay porno film area of the adult bookstore?...

“The Muslim Boys” gang threatens IAC- Infidels Are Cool

Another moronic thug spewing hatred and evil towards anyone who criticizes Islam, now directing their threats right here at the nearly famous Infidels that are cool enough for some Islamo-hatemail.

Here’s the hate mail/death threat I received last night: The IP is based out of a hosting company in Netherlands but the IP location is inside the UK:

Are you fucking smacked. If I ever find out who you are my SMS boy’s will come and blow holes in your face like we did to Adrian Marriot.

Him mentioning “SMS boys” refers an offshoot of the The Muslim Boys gang operating in South London called “South Man Syndicate”, also known as “South Man Dem”.

I posted about these gangs back in January 2008.

And Adrian Marriot was killed in 2005 by members of the Muslim Boys gang for refusing to convert to Islam.

I am going to send these ass-clowns an e-mail and invite these fucks to stop on by the Jester's house. So he can sink a double-bladed axe in their fucking foreheads...

Read it all right here>>>



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Kath said...

You know, when you click on the "read it all here", the post flashes up for a second and then it's gone. Guess they didn't want to leave it up.

Son Of Jor-El said...


I write for IAC, and the post is still up. I viewed it with Firefox, Safari and IE.


I love your blog :D

Kath said...

nope, won't come up for me. Like I said, it flashes on and then just that article is gone and there's a blue page with all the stuff on either side, just no article. Interesting. Thanks for checking, tho.