Friday, May 2, 2008

John Cusack is a Giant Shit-Sack....

Do you hear my footsteps John???

This fucking punk is an oxygen thief from way back. Last (and only) good movie he ever did was Better Off Dead....

Hah hah.... Imagine that.....
John Cusack is outraged over the Iraq war, so the U.S. actor channeled his anger into a low-budget political satire -- complete with a chorus line of scantily clad female amputees -- that he hopes will offend.

Inspired by anger about the war and questions about the political power held by global corporations, "War, Inc" is set in Turaqistan, a fictional nation occupied by a private U.S. company called Tamerlane and run by a former American vice president.

Cusack helped write the screenplay and also stars with Sir Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei and Hilary Duff in the film, which premiered this week at New York's Tribeca Film Festival alongside several more serious documentaries on Iraq and other conflicts.

"I think the movie should be kind of offensive," Cusack told Reuters about the film, which will be released in New York and Los Angeles theaters on May 23. "I'm shocked at how much good reaction we're getting."

In the movie, Cusack plays a hit man hired by Tamerlane to assassinate a Middle Eastern oil minister who plans to lay an oil pipeline through Turaqistan, thwarting the company's plan for sole proprietorship of the country.

"(The movie) was just a reaction to the war and all the insanity behind using the 9/11 attacks to make an imperial land grab in the Middle East," he said. "We really wanted to channel our outrage a little bit into something creative."
Is there a bigger sack of shit out there?

The Jester is coming for you John Shit-Sack.... You are on his shit list now...



stuffed said...

Thanks for posting this. It's good to know just how far the Nutsack has fallen. I used to like Say Anything (hey, I'm a girl).

"There's hopefully an exuberance to the movie because I think being subversive should feel good," Cusack said. "It should be fun to throw a brick."
Eew. Self-congratulatory prick.

And, really now, is he going to take responsibility for unleashing Hilary Duff's political opinions on an unsuspecting populace?

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