Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Michelle Obama Sez: "I Want to Rip Bill Clinton's Eyes Out. Kidding!"....

You Stay Classy 'Chelle....

This just in....

Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barack Obama, known for saying what's on her mind – candidly, spontaneously and frequently – has exposed this trait yet again in a profile in the London Guardian.

Asked how she feels about Bill Clinton's use of the phrase "fairytale" to describe her husband's characterization of his position on the Iraq war, she first responded: "No."

But, after a few seconds of contemplation, and gesturing with her fingernails, she told the reporter: "I want to rip his eyes out!"

Noticing an aide giving her a nervous look, she added: "Kidding! See, this is what gets me into trouble."

Glad to hear it. Wonder if she has spoken to the Theresa Heinz chick???

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Figueroa Slim said...

Slick Barry and Mean Michelle Obama - a bitter pair. SlickBarry.com