Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daily Kos Sez: Americans are the New Nazis

I am going to guess this is what he dreams about....

Well, ol' Markos is at it again....

We have become the Nazis our fathers (mine in particular!), fought to rid the world of. We have become the country of a government responsible to no one, oppressing it's own citizens without redress, that we blamed Saddam Hussein for being.

We have become the Dark Side. We all know it, we all hate it, but everyone is too afraid of the agencies created to protect us to free ourselves from tyranny. (wha???? -ed.)

People who support the Constitution used to be called Patriots. Now we are all suspected terrorists, spied upon by and in fear of our own government.

Something changed, but it wasn't the Constitution. Everyone in public service should be required to recite the Constitution, including the Preamble and the Bill of Rights, from memory, in English, and explain them before they are given the oath of office. Breaking the oath should be AND IS High Treason. THAT is the law we need to enforce.

And we need to enforce it with good old hemp rope.

Funny, I didn't feel like putting anyone in an oven or shooting little children in the back of the head and kicking them into a ditch.

I certainly don't feel like a Nazi. Maybe it would do Markos a bit of good to review the history of the Nazi party. They believed in segregation of the races, gun control, confronted those that didn't "believe" with violence and had a candidate for Chancellor that drew huge crowds of believers blinded by this crazy belief in "change."

Hmmmm..... I wonder which political party that sounds like?

Read the rest here (if you can stand it)


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