Monday, August 25, 2008

Gaza Terrorists Clown Stupid Hippy Peace Activists

Feel Good Story of the Day....

A Gaza activist told Ynet Saturday that local residents were disappointed by the small quantities of food brought in by two boats carrying international leftist activists.

"Many people thought these boats will make a significant contribution to break the siege, not only politically but also in terms of brining in goods, equipment, food, and medicine," he said.

"However, once it turned out these boats contain too little food and mostly activists…some people left the beach disappointed."

Hundreds of Gazans reportedly received the leftist activists at the beach. A Hamas source told Ynet the initiative was proven successful, but added that "the Arab and Muslim world should draw lessons and learn from those dozens of activists, because they risked their lives at sea for the sake of Strip residents and against the siege."

Evidently, these jobless morons are the proof that we are at full employment in the United States. I can bet there are some homeless Americans they could help instead of the ass-pirates who launch rockets at Israeli children.

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