Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canada Sez: Burka Clad Women Must Swear Oath Before Voting...

I have to take this off to vote???

That would be OK with me, as long as you shave those legs...

In a reversal of past practice, people wearing face coverings will not be permitted to vote in the upcoming election unless they swear a special oath.

The change is based on a policy directive from chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand. It instructs returning officers to ask voters with obscured faces to uncover or swear they are eligible to vote before being allowed to cast ballots.

But the new policy seems to be at odds with the Canada Elections Act, which has no requirement that federal electors show their faces.

It also contradicts comments made by Mayrand before last September's Quebec by-elections when he rebuffed demands from the Conservatives to use his powers to force Muslim women wearing veils to uncover their faces.

However, John Enright, an Elections Canada spokesperson, said Mayrand's changes are permitted under the Canada Elections Act.


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