Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Camp Suddenly Struck Stupid....

No Fucking Way!!!

Oh Yeah.... Waayyy

McCain’s decision to use Tuesday’s debate to roll out a dramatic new housing plan – and to downplay an extended weekend of personal attacks on Obama – appeared to mark a recognition that, after two consecutive days of the Dow plummeting and financial hemorrhaging abroad, the market meltdown is not likely to move from the center of the campaign.

After days of attempts to persuade voters that Obama’s ties to ‘60s radical Bill Ayers are a crucial character issue, McCain didn’t mention Ayers’ name during the 90 minutes of Tuesday’s forum. His top aides suggested afterward that, going forward, the candidate wouldn’t focus on the former domestic terrorist nor invoke the name of Obama’s controversial pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Nicolle Wallace, a top McCain adviser, hinted McCain would not bring it up. “If asked about it, of course [he’ll talk about Ayers],” she said.

McCain’s chief strategist, Steve Schmidt all but said the controversial pastor remained off-limits.

“What Sen. McCain has said is that it’s not an issue he intends to talk about in the race,” said the aide, though he did note that Obama himself had called Wright 'fair game.' But Schmidt did say without prompting: “You’ve not seen Sen. McCain advertise on [Wright]." When asked, he wouldn’t promise to not air ads on the pastor, but reiterated that “Sen. McCain’s position is clear.”

I guess McCain wants to be invited to Obama's Inauguaration.... I can't believe that this campaign is so fucking stupid....

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