Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is This Some Creepy Shit or What???

Is that some Freaky Shit????

Nikolai Ezhov was also known to the world as "Stalin's Executioner" and "Dear Leader"....

I am not certain, but when you start talking about "civilian security forces" and "mandatory community service," I start thinking I need to buy more ammo for my rifles.

I wonder when the sporting goods store opens???


H/T: Deez


Corinne said...

Haha! Agreed! If the illuminati left takes any more control... and this county becomes more socialist... I may have to move. Canada anyone?

Lonnieboy said...

Don't waist your money buying guns and ammo. Nothing can stop the Federal Government Monster now that Obama has unleashed it. Buy as much gold as you can and immigrate to Norfolk Island. It is your only hope for any freedom. Good luck and good health! Hit it!