Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hey Campers! Check this Hilarious Shit Out!!!!

Pageants to Porn: Kelli McCarty Suffering 'Creepy' Treatment by Male Friends Since Launching XXX Career--Fox News

"I enjoy acting, and I really like sex, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions," McCarty told Tarts. "It was a pretty easy transition, I think mainstream television is definitely starting to merge with the adult world anyway - it’s all about sex and nudity, and I’ve been pretending to have love scenes on 'Passions' for years anyway."

While the on-screen adjustment wasn’t too much of a sweat for McCarty, she was shocked at how the men in her personal life have suddenly changed their tune.

"These are guys that I’ve known for a long time that are a suddenly putting it out there, they think because I have sex on television I must want to do it with them, too. Its really creepy and disturbing, being an adult film star does not automatically put you into the slut category," McCarty said. "Maybe you’d expect that from people you don’t know, but this is coming from guys I considered friends. Weird."

"It’s such an accomplishment (uhhh, yeah...--ed), I co-wrote the script and had it in my contract that I was to have a lot of power and control in the production which I never had in the mainstream," McCarty added. "I’m happy that I can be out there talking openly about it, I’m so proud that I could make this happen."

"Being an adult film star doesn't automatically put you into the slut category." Really? Ya sure about that?

She is shocked... SHOCKED, that the men in her life now just want to stick it to her after they see her having sex on film for money.

Go on with your bad self there Shakespeare....


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