Friday, March 20, 2009

Calling A Spade and Spade.....

How about some Chicken and Watermelon with that???

If any of the previous presidents had said something like that or did something like this, can you imagine what would have happened????

Josh Earnest, deputy White House Press Secretary, tells Fox the president's reception this afternoon with the National Newspaper Publishers Association is a "special access" event that the representatives of African-American community newspapers will cover as participants. The event will not open to daily White House reporters.

Stories of the event, Earnest says, will be published in African-American community newspapers across the country and in that sense the event will be "covered." But the White House says the National Newspaper Publishers Association is giving the award to the president and is therefore being given its own event because of its historical focus on African American issues.
I mean, if any President in modern history had invited only white reporters to something like this, they would have called it a Klan Meeting, minus all the sheets and hoods....

Now who is the racist???

More here via Fox News


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