Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh... The Horror!!!!

Yeah... You got that right....

Where are all the Topless Bitches for Peace now that the Obamessiah is President?

Missiles believed to have been fired by U.S. pilotless drone aircraft hit a militant hideout and training camp in Pakistan on Thursday, a local official told Reuters, and a villager said at least 14 people were killed.

The missiles struck in the Barjo area of Kurram tribal region, close to the Afghan border. "The training camp was completely destroyed,"said Noor Islam, a villager in Barjo. He said 14 bodies had been recovered from the debris of the blitzed camp.

U.S. drone attacks in Kurram are rare, as al Qaeda and Taliban militants have been mostly targeted in the nearby Waziristan region.

"Four missiles hit a militant hideout and training camp in the Barjo area," a senior government official in Kurram told Reuters.
I mean, talk about being a bunch of fucking hippocrits.... I wanna see some "NOBAMA" war protests out there.

Isn't he killing innocent people too???


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