Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aussie SF Is... Well... Au-Some....

Go on with your bad-ass selves...

AUSTRALIAN special forces have taken part in a targeted assassination of a senior Taliban leader, an operation army commanders claim will disrupt the insurgents' campaign in southern Oruzgan.

Mullah Noorullah was killed in a combined operation involving coalition troops and Australian special forces, Defence said yesterday.

It did not say when Noorullah was killed but did say the incident occurred in Deh Rafshan district in southern Oruzgan, where the Australian Special Operations Task Group is based.

The SOTG tag is commonly used by defence as a synonym to describe elite Special Air Service operatives authorised to hunt and kill Taliban leaders in an Afghan variation on the Vietnam-era Phoenix Program.

Last month, the SOTG claimed credit for killing Mullah Abdul Bari, a former Taliban governor of Helmand province.

The Afghan Defence Ministry reported Bari's killing occurred in northern Helmand, the first confirmation Australian SAS operations were not confined to Oruzgan, in the south, where the bulk of the 1100-strong Australian taskforce is based.
I hope they smoked that fucker like a pack of Kools... Have a Nice Day....


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