Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Streak of Awesomeness Continues....

Put this guy on 'em...

This yet another piece of awesome writing by Ralph Peters. This time, it comes from the NY Post as an op-ed piece.

WE made one great mistake regarding Guantanamo: No terrorist should have made it that far. All but a handful of those grotesquely romanticized prisoners should have been killed on the battlefield.

The few kept alive for their intelligence value should have been interrogated secretly, then executed.

Terrorists don't have legal rights or human rights. By committing or abetting acts of terror against the innocent, they place themselves outside of humanity's borders. They must be hunted as man-killing animals.

And, as a side benefit, dead terrorists don't pose legal quandaries.

Captured terrorists, on the other hand, are always a liability. Last week, President Obama revealed his utter failure to comprehend these butchers when he characterized Guantanamo as a terrorist recruiting tool.

Gitmo wasn't any such thing. Not the real Gitmo. The Guantanamo Obama believes in is a fiction of the global media. With rare, brief exceptions, Gitmo inmates have been treated far better than US citizens in our federal prisons.
Find his other stuff to read and read it. I would recommend the current administration bone up on it and put it to use, provided they can find the intestinal fortitude to do it.



Anonymous said...

Intestinal fortitude? Obama seriously from him? Is that even possible? Listen to someone with a conservative view. Aint happening man.

Deebow said...

Not that I ever expect him to get the balls to do what is necessary.