Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Man... What A Job That Would Be....

Where do I get me a license to hunt these?
A ferocious dispute between the CIA and Congressional Democrats centers on an ultra-secret effort launched by agency officials after 9/11 to draw up plans to hunt down and kill terrorists using commando teams similar to those deployed by Israel after the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre, according to a former senior US official.

Officials of the CIA's undercover spying branch, then known as the Directorate of Operations, on and off over the last several years repeatedly floated and revised plans for the such operations, which would involve sending squads of operatives overseas, sometimes into friendly countries, to track and assassinate Al Qaeda leaders, much the same way Israeli Mossad agents sent assassins to Europe to kill men they believed responsible for murdering Israeli Olympic athletes, the former official said.

But several former and current officials said the highly-classified plans, which last week provoked into a bitter argument between congress and the CIA, never became "fully operational," and CIA Director Leon Panetta put an end to the program in June.

Top CIA officials ultimately concluded the program posed an unacceptable risk of failure or exposure, according to another former official. As a result, the initial plans proposed by officers of the Directorate of Operations— now known as the National Clandestine Service—were put on hold byCIA director George Tenet before he left office in 2004, former officials said.

Tenet's two successors, Porter Goss and Gen. Michael Hayden, kept the plans in the deep freeze. But a former official said that until Panetta killed the program outright last month the CIA never totally abandoned the plans for kill teams; agency personnel believed it was important to have them ready as an option for the president to use, and they continued to try to refine the idea.
If they are looking for someone with plausible deniability, I can give them my number.

This is more proof (as if you need it) that the Libfucks are the biggest bunch of pussies ever to walk the Earth. They are so weak on National Security that the phrase itself means nothing. The Israelis haven't had any problems like this in quite awhile, so I am guessing that since they are not pussies and actually made these monsters pay for living by the sword, the word got around.

I hope no one attacks us again and we could have prevented it with a program like this, because you can forget about just sending them to jail, because it may be decided that these pussies will get "The Needle"...


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