Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Unusual Departure Into Something Worth Discussing.....

As a graduate, I feel it necessary to discuss the current situation that it seems every asshat sports pundit and half assed internet sports interloper is pontificating about the mystery of whether or not "strength of Schedule" is an important factor in determining who should play for a national championship....

Boise State cracks Top 5--Idaho Statesman

So here is what I know:

1) No one ever talks about whether or not a team the plays it's way to the Superbowl shouldn't be there because they played the Detroit Lions instead of the New England Patriots. USC loses to U of W. Ole Miss loses to a non-conference team. Cal gets destroyed by U of O (who we beat).

2) Talent is something that you can only sharpen and not make and Boise State has talent.

3) The set up for college football bowl games currently only recognizes games that fans might want to watch a game on TV and not whether or not anyone would give any legitimacy to whether or not a team that has lost twice should be playing for a National Championship (like when Ohio State played in January 2007 for a national championship).

4) Boise State went to the Fiesta Bowl, and no one gave us a chance. Boise State went to Oregon last year to play in Autzen Stadium and no one gave us a chance. Oregon came to our house this year and no one gave us a chance. Anyone seeing a trend here?

5) Did anyone watch that Fiesta Bowl game by the way? Tell me that the BSU Program doesn't have what it takes

The BCS is crooked as fuck and should be scrapped in favor of a playoff system.

Fight.... Fight.... BSU!!!


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The Six said...

For an odd reason I won't go into, I'm a Sooner fan. I watched that Fiesta Bowl and by the end I found myself rooting for BSU. I became a fan, partly because I just love seeing mountain west teams do well but mostly because you know, they're good.
I'm still a Sooner fan but BSU has a place in my fandom galaxy all it's own. Screw the BCS. I'm sick of the whole mess.