Thursday, October 29, 2009

San Fran Nan Breaks Out The Cure For Our Health Care Woes...

Yeah, you know it...

As you would expect in their charge to European Socialism, the vote is expected next week....

Speaker Nancy Pelosi just unveiled the House Democrats' health care bill, which is 1,990 pages (PDF here). You'll forgive me if I haven't yet read all of it, but the clear takeaway is that as expected, the bill is to the left of the Senate version.

It includes a mandate that forces individuals to purchase insurance or pay a tax, as well as a requirement that employers provide insurance or pay a tax.

It also creates government-run insurance exchanges on which a government-run plan would be offered alongside privately-administered plans that would be subject to heavier government regulation.

Purchase Insurance or pay an tax? Employer Mandate to provide insurance? More government regulation of private insurance?

Given that this clueless C U Next Tuesday has no idea what the American people are thinking and feeling, I think I am just going to let her lead the Democrats off the cliff into irrelevance and oblivion so that we can capture all but about 5 of the most liberal seats in the House in the elections in 2010.

And to quote one of the best Tea Party signs I have ever seen:

Ram it down our throats in 2009; we'll ram it up your ass in 2010....

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