Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New CIA Document Dump Proves That Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Used on Terrorist Ass-Monkeys Were Wildly Successful

How you like me now bitch??

Coming to the Jester's Axe via the Weekly Standard

According to a release this morning from Judicial Watch, the most recent CIA docu-dump regarding its detainee interrogation program turns up a couple of new nuggets showing just how vital this program was to national security. JW highlights the CIA’s official confirmation of what many have known for a long time: "Detainee reporting accounts for more than half of all HUMINT reporting on al-Qa'ida since the program began..."

Further, the newly released June 1, 2005 and the July 12, 2005 reports reached the same conclusion as the previously released June 3, 2005 report:

"One of the gains to detaining the additional terrorists has been the thwarting of a number of al-Qa'ida operations in the United States and overseas."

JW’s president, Tom Fitton succinctly summarizes these findings in his release,

"All of these CIA documents come to the same conclusion: Detainee interrogations are effective and have helped save lives in the United States and overseas,’ said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ‘The Obama administration initially attempted to conceal the effectiveness of detainee interrogations by cherry picking documents to support its view on the interrogation program. We're pleased we have been able to provide the American people with more of the truth about the effectiveness of terrorist detainee interrogations."

Half of all the intel from this? HALF??? When you get half of everything you need for a project, you could say you are well on your way to a smashing success...

Nanci Pelosi and the rest of the traitors and terrorist loving assholes in their party can fuck off, because they sleep safe and warm because of the men who are prepared to do what is necessary to defend a nation and save American lives.


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