Monday, December 28, 2009

Janet Napalitano Sez: "The System Worked." Then Sez "Uhhh... Maybe Not."

So the bomb makes it onto the airplane, along with the bomber and then whent he fusing system fails to set it off; we can claim somehow the "system worked?"


Politico has it right here.

Hey!  Anyone else feel super safe now?

Fire Janet Napalitano right fucking now.



MIk said...

Janet is running DHS exactly the way Obama wants it done or he would have fired her a long time ago.

My question is this: Why did Obama give Interpol immunity on December 17, 2009? And why did DHS go out and but 200 Million rounds of 40mm Ammo. I don't trust this administration any further than I can throw them and considering I'm a 95 LB weakling, that isn't very far.

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