Friday, December 18, 2009

San Fran Nan Sez: Climate Change A "Woman's Issue."

Yeah, we are knowing it....

Someone call the NOW and let them know that the hot and cold flashes are Mother Nature in Menopause...

The Hill--Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) addressed the Copenhagen climate change conference today, framing climate change as a women's issue.

Speaking to a roundtable hosted by the Global Gender and Climate Alliance, Pelosi said the U.S. has for too long ignored climate change.

"For too long, America has failed to lead on climate change," she said. "We have come to Copenhagen to say: 'Those days are over. America is back."

Pelosi said women should be particularly concerned about the detrimental effects of climate change.

“Women have the most to gain and the most to lose in the climate crisis," she said. "The impacts are not gender-neutral; as the primary users, managers, and stewards of natural resources, women feel the consequences first."

Oh, and a BONUS FAIL:  4 Inches of snow in Copenhagen


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