Monday, February 22, 2010

Now That Is A Nice Start To My Week....

Suckin' It Down....

LA Times--After months of what sure looks like political gridlock in the nation's capitol despite voters having handed majority control of all three political institutions to Democrats back in 2008, almost three-out-of-four Americans today say "Washington right now is broken."

Even more amazingly, one out of four Americans still haven't been fully convinced that the nation's capitol is broken.

Actually, a new Rasmussen Reports Poll finds 73% see DC as broken while only 15% disagree. Twelve percent, who've been watching the Weather Channel or catching up on "The Sopranos" DVD's, aren't really sure.

A similar 75% of likely voters are now angry at current government policies. That's up 9 points since September and four points since November when angry voters dumped Democrats out of the New Jersey and Virginia governors' offices, despite Obama's campaigning there.

Going back to "campaign" mode now are you?  Well, the bloom is off the rose...


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