Saturday, July 24, 2010

Economist Sez: Sarah Kicks Ass as the GOP Nominee....

Beauty and brains...  Isn't that what America is about?  What is not to like?

The poll graphic breaks out like this:

Here are some of the other gems in this poll:

• Among those who identify with the tea-party movement, 26% support Mrs Palin, 19% choose Mr Romney, 16% go for Mr Gingrich and 15% for Mr Huckabee.

• Over three-quarters (77%) of Republicans have a favourable view of Mrs Palin (17% unfavourable). But 51% of the overall public gives her an unfavorable rating.

• Barack Obama’s struggles continue. In this week’s poll his approval rating is at 45%, with 48% disapproving. Just 34% approve of the way he is handling the economy — his lowest rating ever on the public’s most important issue — and even fewer, 31%, approve of how he is handling the budget deficit. Most Americans see no impact of last year’s economic stimulus package — just 29% think it has helped the economy. Only 13% say the package has created jobs; 55% say it never will.

The double edged sword here is that Sarah is polling higher than anyone else, but that the 17% remaining that are picking no one right now could choose a guy like Romney (God help us all).  We (all Americans that care about the country) are going to have to work hard to convince those of our friends in this group that RINOs like Huckabee and Romney and (at least part of the time) Newt are NOT the best choice for the leadership of this country.

Jester's Prediction:  MASSIVE GAINS in most statehouses and in local elections, and only Moderate Gains in the House and Senate; but they will be enough to begin turning the tide on this Socialist agenda and repealing Healthcare, Financial Reform, Any Cap and Trade, and getting the deficit under control.

Run Sarah... Run....


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