Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deranged San Fran Nan Sez: We’re Not Going to Let Republicans “Swell The Deficit”…

Whuh?  Huh?

ABC News--The Note--Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi today said her party will work with the incoming Republican majority in the House on economic efforts to help the middle class, but will oppose GOP measures that only benefit the wealthy or swell the deficit.

“We will not rest,” Pelosi said in remarks at a ceremonial swearing-in for members of the Congressional Black Caucus. “We extend the hand of friendship to create jobs, grow the middle class and reduce the deficit. We look for common ground to solve the problems of the American people: their health, their housing, their jobs, their savings, their children’s education.”

“But where we cannot find common ground we must stand our ground on behalf of the pledge we take every day – ‘for liberty and justice for all’ – and that includes economic justice for all.”

As she concluded her remarks, Pelosi vowed that “two years from now when we come together things will be different.”

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, the new head of the CBC, said, “Congress at its worst demands a Congressional Black Caucus at its best.”

Yeah, we wouldn't want to swell the deficit to a point where we are completely bankrupt.  You make sure you stop that from happening; like you did when you were the Speaker...  Craziness like this generally leads to running around naked in the street right before being tackled by the cops and hauled off to the loony bin.

Yes Nancy, things in two years will be different, much different....  Hope you like your minority leader job.

Get comfortable....


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