Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama Touts “True American Success Story” Of Company That Created “Green Jobs” From Stimulus Bill… Apparently Unaware The Company Is Shipping Those Jobs To China

Good Job on you research there....

Daily Caller--President Barack Obama will visit the North Carolina-based Cree LED Light Company Monday to tour the plant and meet with his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness to discuss job creation and policies to spur economic growth.
But Cree, a major recipient of Recovery Act funds, may be sending that money straight to China. At the very least, its CEO, Chuck Swoboda, has a very China-centered strategy that involves building a new plant overseas, two facts that the Republican National Committee plans to highlight Monday morning prior to the president’s visit.
Cree received a $39 million as an Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit from the Recovery Act.
The company began developing clean energy technology, hired a few more hundred workers, and the administration touted it as a “true American success story” on the White House Web site.

What a country...  Getting paid by the taxpayers to ship their jobs overseas an keep them unemployed.  Thanks President Fuckstick, keep on keepin' on.

Sure helps with the price of gas....


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