Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perpetual Joblessness Could Cost President FuckStick His Job....

Along with all the bowing to Foreign Leaders, destruction of industries and enviromental horse puckey.... private sector has regained about 30 percent of the manufacturing jobs it lost in the recession -- jobs created despite regulatory policies detrimental to manufacturing's expansion.

Add the administration's health-care policies (which drive up the cost of employment by increasing medical insurance costs) and environmental policies (which drive up the price of energy, particularly in Western Pennsylvania, where coal is a major source), and you can see why the private sector is skittish about enlarging payrolls.

That means the president has not only a small-business problem, but a blue-collar-worker problem. Both are sources of independent voters so essential to winning elections.
This is an excellent read and sums up the problems with the economy pretty well.  I think that no matter what President Fuckstick does at this point, he is headed for the unemployment line in November of next year...


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