Wednesday, December 5, 2007

And The Winner Is....

Classy and Subdued, even in victory

And the winner of our impromptu, completely unscientific, improperly reported, and statistically insignificant (well, maybe not that last one) is Michelle Malkin.

Visitors to the Jester's Axe over the last week were asked "Who is the hottest chick of a conservative bent" and using our parlimentary, multi-candidate voting system, we arrived at the following vote totals:
  1. Michelle Malkin with 37 percent of the vote
  2. Mary Katherine Hamm with 28 percent of the vote
  3. Ann Coulter with 17 percent of the vote
  4. Monica Crowley with 8 percent of the vote
  5. Debbie Schlussel with 6 percent of the vote

In the parlimentary system we have here, that is an overwhelming victory.

And here are some the reasons why she would walk away with this victory;

  • The Libtard Left has about 991,000 reasons to hate her (the number of hits that "hate Michelle Malkin" puts up on a Google Search)
  • She is the author of 3 good books (although she is behind Ann's total)
  • She is a Philly-born, South Jersey-raised alumna of Holy Spirit HS and Oberlin College.

The Jester did not play favorites on this one; mostly because with these candidates and the caliber of conservative they all are, and well, how hot they all are; it is a bit like trying to pick your favorite candy while standing in front of the counter See's or being asked to pick your favorite supermodel while working at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot.

Because I am a man, I like them all, for the same equally shallow and silly reasons; they are all women who would come to my barbeque and laugh at my jokes.

Congratulations to her on winning my extremely unscientific poll.


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