Thursday, December 6, 2007

69 Percent of Americans Think Libtards Suck...

Could be more.....

I am guessing this hangs somewhere in many of the offices of the Defeatocrats on the Hill and in the boardroom of (Bowel)

This is from Don Surber, and it is damn funny. Those lies, damn lies and statistics sure have become the giant rabid dog that is biting the Defeatocrats on their ass.

War 40, Congress 20
The War is twice as popular as Congress. Under Democratic leadership, the 110th Congress is the least popular Congress since pollsters began measuring this. Various polls peg the disapproval at various numbers at various times.

But one thing doesn’t change: Worst Congress ever.

Democratic apologists say that this is because Congress has failed to end the war. Well, that may explain the low marks on the Democratic end. But the 63 votes so far this year on the war obviously are turning off independents and Republicans.

Let us review. In November, Gallup pegged the Congressional job approval at 20% with 69% disapproval.

In December, Gallup found that 40% of Americans think the Surge is working, 39% say not working.

And while 57% now say going into Iraq was a mistake, 41% say it was not a mistake. Apparently 69% say electing this Congress was a mistake. Only 20% apparently believe this Congress was not a mistake.

Hmmm. Methinks that Harry "The Loser" Reid will soon be working at some loser think tank somewhere. Nancy Pelosi will get the chance to shoo those Code Stinko idiots living in her garden and bothering her neighbors.

The Weekly Standard weighed in with some good commentary that reaches to the heart of the devil's bargain that the Defeatocrats have struck with the ANSWER crowd, the Code Pinko hoard and the libtard left in order to be elected to the majority.

The bottom line is that they can't get America onboard surrendering to the beheaders and burkha merchants, and it bugs the fuck out of them.

Gallup's war survey is here and the congressional job approval is here.

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