Saturday, December 15, 2007

Global Warming is Ruining Christmas

WOW! Look at all that Global Warming!!

OK, does this make Al Gore the biggest scam artist of all time, NOW???
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Oklahoma residents were mostly spared a threatened second wintry blast on Saturday, as crews were still working to restore power to homes and businesses blacked out by last weekend's storm.

Neighboring Kansas, however, had up to a foot of snow Saturday morning as the storm took aim across the Midwest into New England.

Hundreds of thousands of people were still in the dark in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. As the storm's track shifted northward, the National Weather Service canceled heavy snow warnings for Oklahoma early Saturday. Central Oklahoma got only cold, light rain during the night, turning to snow during the morning. One to 3 inches of snow was forecast.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reported Interstate 70 in central Kansas was snowpacked.
Is there any doubt, (as if there was before this) that Albert Gore is a scam artist, the Nobel Committee are among the dumbest people alive (and shoudl be forbidden to breed) and all the enviro idiots are insane.

Give back the money Al, before they charge you with a crime.


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Anonymous said...

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