Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'll Make The Defeatocrats A Deal...

I'll start being outraged about this...

When the Filthy Wahhabis stop doing this

This from ABC News, via Fox News;

A retired CIA agent who led the team that interrogated a key Al Qaeda operative early in the war on terror told ABC News that a technique commonly known as waterboarding was torture, but necessary.

According to the ABC News report, John Kiriakou, the CIA officer whose team captured Al Qaeda Chief Abu Zubaydah, said his team subjected Zubaydah to waterboarding, and that the technique "broke" the terror leader in "less than 35 seconds."

"The threat information he provided disrupted a number of attacks, maybe dozens of attacks," Kiriakou said of the information Zubaydah provided.

"What happens if we don't waterboard a person, and we don't get that nugget of information, and there's an attack," Kiriakou said. "I would have trouble forgiving myself."

That is some kind of record I think. I always knew the filthy wahhabis were a bunch of goat humping pussies. Couldn't even last a minute. I thought torture was something that had to last awhile and inflict bodily damage to the victim.

Sounds like this guy cracked after getting what amounted to what you get if you don't hold your breath before jumping off the high dive at the pool. What a pussy! Sounds like the interrogator got what he wanted, and saved some unknown amount of American lives in the process.

Like I said; I will start to feel bad for these sheep rapers when they stop beheading people, torturing journalists, strapping explosives to children and setting them off in crowded markets, and mutilating women at puberty.


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