Friday, December 7, 2007

Libtard Women Don't Like Hillary


This from Keach Hagey, a female libtard blogger (and who the hell names their daughter "Keach?") over at "The Skinny" at See BS

They are like her, but they don't like her. Such is the curious phenomenon of many educated, professional, liberal women of a certain age when it comes to Hillary Clinton, the Los Angeles Times reports. In fact, upper-middle-class women on the left are "historically her toughest crowd," the paper reports.

Ms. Hagey points out that the LAT postulates the reasons could be:
  1. They're not as worried about job security as their more blue-collar peers (who are more pro-Clinton), so they feel free to judge the New York Senator as a peer.
  2. They're disgusted by the fact that, while they struggled to break through barriers in the workplace, Clinton hitched her star to her man and followed him to the top.
  3. They're disappointed by her support of the Iraq war and the fact that she has recreated herself as a centrist.
  4. Women hold each other to an unrealistic standard.
  5. She's trying to act too much like a man.

Number 5 is a good reason not to like her. I like Number 4, because this is ooohhhh so true. If you have a wife or a girlfriend, you know what I am talking about. A girlfriend I had in college that told me the hardest thing about being a woman is having women friends.

Changing allegiances, body image difficulties, judgementalism in fashion, finance, choices of men, cars, make up; blah blah blahdy fuckin' blah.

No wonder their rates of suicide are higher.

Reason Number 2 really gets to the heart of it. It is interesting that liberal women, who went to college and in some cases, got married to powerful men, or are the daughters of powerful men, are calling Hillary out. They claim that she "hitched her star to a man and followed him to the top."

Let's hear from one of those daughters of a man who was a giant in his industry.

Jane Fonda perhaps summed up this view best in an interview with the LA Weekly last May, in which she called Clinton "a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina." (It would be such a great quote, except when was the last time Hillary wore a skirt?)

Yes; that traitorous, treasonous harpy Jane Fonda (daughter of Academy Award Winner and Hollywood Giant Henry Fonda) hates Hillary Clinton for hitching her wagon to a man on the go and getting help from him to get ahead in life.

Say Jane, how is that acting career going? Was it hard to get ahead in the beginning, or did your Dad open some doors? And your marriage to that rich guy who owns all those TV stations? How is that working out for you and your life?

"Hello Pot, my name is Kettle; nice to meet you. My, that is a lovely shade of black you have on."


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