Thursday, January 3, 2008

Isn't This Classic....

They are right over there...

Could it be that Allah and Mohammed have a far greater sense of humor than we imagined?

Fatah accuses Hamas of using its men as 'human shields'

The Fatah movement on Thursday accused Hamas of using seized Fatah operatives as "human shields" in the face of Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Fatah claims Hamas scattered Fatah detainees amongst its outposts in Gaza, left them there even when Israeli strikes began. One detainee killed in IDF strike on Hamas outpost near Khan Younis. Nine Palestinians killed in IDF attacks over past 24 hours, including mother and three children.

At the center of the current turmoil between factions is Abdullah Kishta, a 27-year-old Fatah operative, which Fatah claims was wanted by both the IDF and Hamas. Kishta fled Gaza after Hamas' takeover in June of last year, and took advantage of the return of some 2,000 Palestinian pilgrims to the Strip by hiding amongst them and infiltrating from Egypt.

However, Hamas men who had anticipated infiltration attempts by wanted Fatah men located Kishta in the crowd and arrested him upon his entry to the Strip.

Ha Ha, it is to laugh....


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