Sunday, January 6, 2008

Death Threats Force Artist Into Hiding After Putting Mohammed Masks on Gay Men....

This is from the filthy Wahbbists who spend every Thursday night right before the Sabbath anally probing one another for fun and amusement.
THE Dutch were debating the limits of freedom of expression last week after an artist who photographed gay men wearing masks of the prophet Muhammad was
forced into hiding and her work removed from a museum exhibit.

Speaking on the telephone from an unspecified location in the Netherlands last week, the artist, an Iranian exile who goes by the pseudonym of Sooreh Hera, said she had been threatened with “execution”. She accused the director of the municipal museum in The Hague of cowardice for caving in to Muslim extremists.

This leaves Hera, 34, in no doubt that she is in real danger. “They said to me, ‘We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth’,” she said, referring to menacing e-mails..

Glad that they are so accepting. I am guessing that this is what the homosexual community means by "self loathing"

And yes "Man-love Thursday" is a reality... Please refer to the "Random Insult to Islam."

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