Friday, August 15, 2008

Protestor Sez: "You're a Traitor and Liar for not Impeaching Bush." Pelosi Sez: “Why don’t you go picket the Republicans"

Didn't think they would turn on you huh?

Obviously, she was preparing to sell more books and not really paying attention to where in the fuck she was at the time...
When Wexler pressed her on a question about Congress’s dismally low 9% approval rating, Pelosi defended herself and her colleagues. This prompted an irate audience member to accuse Pelosi of shirking her constitutional responsibility by not impeaching Bush for the deceptive reasoning that started the Iraq war.

Pelosi dismissed the outburst. “I have complete comfort with the frustration. I’m from the streets,” she said. But when several other people rose from their seats in paroxysms of protest, Pelosi was forced onto the defensive.
“I take an oath of office to uphold the constitution of the United States. Don’t tell me I don’t do that,” she snapped. “Why don’t you go picket the Republicans in Congress that will not allow us to have a vote on the war?”

Umm, Madame Speaker..... We have already had about 80 some votes on the war.

Guess she won't be improving that Amazon book rating, nor that Congressional approval rating...


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Anonymous said...

A lot of people misunderstand Pelosi and her district. Other than a minority of nuts (and her district has far more than its share of nuts) these people are about as radical as Marie Antoinette, they just like sounding radical, pretty much as the Queen of France liked pretending she was a peasant. Tom Wolfe had them pegged for years, its all really about social signalling. Nobody but the nutjobs is going to vote for Sheehan.

BTW - I know what streets Pelosi is from; they aren't the streets she wants you to think of.