Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone Want Me To Stop Saying I Told You So???

If this happens in an American City, President Fuckstick will have quite a mess to deal with; not withstanding the millions of Americans who will demand his head because he allowed this to happen while he was President.

BERLIN — A high-level Iranian official said that Iran will not dialogue with the United States until Iran has a nuclear bomb.

Remarks by the secretary general of Iranian Hezbollah were reported in Berlin from a March 26 symposium on “Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah: Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial.”

Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Kharrazi reportedly told the Iranian state news agency Shabestan that Iran “will arrange contacts to America as soon as we build our own bomb.”

“If one is not allowed to build an atom bomb, then no contacts are allowed. And if there are to be contacts, then it will be necessary to build the atom bomb,” Kharrazi said, according to a translation from the original Farsi, reported by Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, a senior research fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy.
Welcome to our nightmare, because the bomb won't just kill all the Bible clinging, gun hugging conservatives...

I do not feel safe with this President. Our country is in grave danger.

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Anonymous said...

Could 54% of American voters be WRONG? Jeeze what a nightmare. Well, we got what we wanted long live the Obamanauts. We had our chance in the last election to put someone up against the Putins of the world and we sat back and didn't do ENOUGH. So here we are, right where we wanted to be.

Anonymous said...

yes, we're all obamanuts and none of you suffer from bush derangement syndrome. it was only, after all, your guy who failed to capture bin laden, win the war in iraq, subdue tensions between israel and its neighbors and prevent iran from achieving its nuclear ambitions.

blaming obama for getting here after iran had already reached enrichment capability is ridiculous.

you don't feel safe with him in office? what kind of talk is that?

he's already authorized numerous attacks against the taliban deep inside pakistan, he's ramping up action in afghanistan, and he's keeping a significant number of troops in iraq. he's moved into a full-force engagement strategy with iran, publicly calling on iran to put their diplomatic money where there mouth is. and unlike bush, who only made a showing in the 4th quarter, obama's made a very early commitment to working to end the israeli-palestinian conflict.

what could he possibly be doing that would be in our better interest? launching a full scale assault on iran? with our country on the brink of financial collapse, do you truly think it feasible that we could afford a three front war that could easily explode to many more fronts? do you really think world war 3 is the preferable scenario?

Anonymous said...

excuse me, obama derangement syndrom