Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whatever Happened to Stupidity Being Painful???

This is why penalties mean something...

The ever-vigilant ACLU, notorious for defending indefensible fringe behaviors, has a new cause célèbre – public nudity.

Last time I checked, my common sense said public nudity is not normal or practical.

This latest ACLU lunacy stems from last year's Halloween high jinks on the part of "Naked Pumpkin Runners," 12 Boulder, Colo., pranksters running around nude with nothing but pumpkins on their heads. The pumpkin-clad streakers were ticketed for indecent exposure. Due to the Colorado's strict sex offender laws, these bare-bottom trotters could have landed on the state sex offender registry and been lumped together with bona fide scumbags guilty of criminally obscene activity.

Last week the Boulder chapter of the ACLU held a forum, "Naked in Boulder." They hope to tweak the sex offender law and protect streakers, naked bike riders, protesters, etc. from the more serious criminal sex offender designation. But according to Boulder's newspaper, the Daily Camera, the opportunistic Boulder ACLU is maxing out the streaker issue by lobbying to "protect nudity as a constitutionally sheltered freedom of expression."

Strange, I don't recall "public nudity" in my eighth-grade civics class during discussion of our constitutional freedoms of expression.

I think they should be on the registry.... The pain of having to deal with this afterward, or having to explain it to your kids, wold be penalty enough.

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