Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Manifestation of Bush Derangement Syndrome...

Budeep... Budeep... You know the rest....
After delivering a series of crude gasoline bombs to two Aspen banks and bringing life in the ski town to a virtual halt, after promising a "horrible price in blood," Jim Blanning drove out of town, parked his green Jeep, and shot himself to death.

Law officers found his body early Thursday morning east of town — the final act in a strange sequence of events that led to the evacuation of central Aspen on New Year's Eve and a one-day delay of celebrations for many of those gathered in Colorado's top party town.

Along the way, Blanning stopped at the Aspen Times to deliver a hand-written note that railed against President Bush and a former top adviser, Karl Rove, and promised that the answers could be found in his west Denver apartment and the office just off the 16th Street Mall where he had a business called Great Wonder LLC.

Life returned to normal Thursday and a fireworks show canceled in the emergency was rescheduled but many questions remain.
Obviously a completely disturbed individual. You positively have to Read the rest here to see just how nutty this guy really was.


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